What is a mission?

Whenever you working with data or files on your machine, you have an intention what you like to achieve with them. While there are so many possible customer expectations, we can give you a few examples only:
  • generate your own watermark on every image in a special-folder
  • find all music-files with special metatags like your favorite music-bands
  • send your friends a random picture of your last holiday
  • extract your favorite rss-feed from irrelevant items (personalize them)
  • ...
Regardless of your application area (business, family, etc.) you will always have some resources that you need to interact with, satisfying your dreams and wishes. In the philosophy of MyCleverFriend a mission is the working plan to just achieve them.

What is the motivation?

As long as a day has only 24 hours, we have to prioritize our daily tasks. In best case, we concentrate on the very important challenges, while we delegate all the other boring activities to an assistant.
Highty-tighty! MyCleverFriend is your butler and entertainer, who automate this interminable tasks.
The mission file gives MyCleverFriend the instruction, how he can kick you from the daily-routine.

How can i write my own mission?

A mission is a small XML-file, which you can write in your favorite texteditor, like notepad.
It follows always the same syntax:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- The root-node "Mission" should always include the mission.xsd-schema. It's important to validate this file.  -->
<Mission xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="Mission.xsd">
  <!-- Describes the mission itself. Who was the developer? What is it good for? ...-->
    <Author>Mathias Mielitz</Author>
    <Description>Loads the content from a csv-file.</Description>
    <Tags>unit-testing, csv</Tags>
  <!-- Here you can describe how the plugins should work together. In most cases the plugins will depend on each other. -->
    <!-- Every plugin has his own tag, which describes the name and the version of the plugin.
    Take care of the "ID"-attribute! Every plugin should use an unique-ID to differentiate these plugins from each other. -->
   <Plugin Name="ReadCSVPlugin" Version="" File="DefaultPlugins.dll" ID="0">
     <!-- ... plugin stuff -->

   <Plugin Name="ExtractPlugin" Version="" File="DefaultPlugins.dll" ID="1">
     <!-- ... plugin stuff -->


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